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Comic Book Room Art


When my son requested a Super Hero birthday party this year I knew just what had to be done!

The hardest part of this project was finding just the right comic book.  I found some at the dollar store but they were not very vibrant and did not have many images of Spiderman on them. I then went to a discount comic book store and found real books that had vibrant colors and thick glossy pages. The price was not bad either and my older son enjoyed reading it first.  The best part is that it will make a wonderful addition to my sons superhero room that is in the planning.


You need:

Basic wood letter

Comic Book

Modge Modge

Foam Brush

Paint Pen


Painters Tape


First I painted the edges with a paint pen.  You can use any kind of paint or sharpie.  Paint pens are wonderful though you don’t need a brush and it dries very quickly.


Then I started placing the comic pages on the letter.  I moved them around until I had many Spiderman images on the letter.  This can take as long as you want.  If you want you could just place a whole page on and not be worried with where the images fall.  I on the other had took a little more time and tried to make as many Spiderman images as I could on the letter then centering the images so Spiderman’s head was not cut off.  I used the painters tape to attach them in place until I was ready to glue them down.


after I filled the whole letter I flipped it over on my cutting mat and cut the excess paper away.


The next step is to take the modge podge and put a thin layer on the wood.  Placing the image back in place.  After you run your foam brush with more modge podge right over the top.  It dries clear just make sure it does not go on to thick.  You then repeat several layers after each dries.  I did 3 coats on mine.


I think it turned out great and my older son is now requesting a Star Wars letter for his room.  I guess I will be heading back to the comic book store real soon.


DIY Roller Shades

When looking for shades for my kitchen I was shocked at how little there was in the stores.  I was even more shocked when I got online and looked at the designer shades.  So when I saw you could make your own shade I knew this one was for me.  I looked at many many pins on pinterest about it and they left out one very important detail (make sure you have the right hardware and put fabric on the correct side) Yes I know it sounds self-explanatory but the ones I saw online that I liked all had the roll in back hidden by the shade.  The others looked unfinished.  

If done “right” the roller shade does still work as long as you use a thinner fabric.  Mine worked until we made the change at the end that made them hang correctly.  I will explain at the end the change we made.  Ours now has to be rolled up by  hand, it’s not hard at all to do.  Ours was ment for decorative purposes only so it does not even matter.

  • First you need the cheep roller shade from the box store cut down to the right size.  (mine was the $16 but one inch smaller and it would have been $7)
  • Fabric of your choice (I used regular fabric from the quilting section 4.89 a yard)
  • Hot glue gun
  • something to cut with
  • measuring tool

So for this shade it cost less than $24 and the smaller one I made for the door was only  $11.89.

 Lay out fabric and trim off all but an inch or so on all sides to fold over.  This whole thing works so much better on a hard surface!

Run hot glue along the shade and fold fabric.  I later covered the back seam with a brown ribbon because you could see the bottom edge through the window.

This is how I folded the corners for a crisp clean look

This is where you would just roll it up and be done.

**I then did not have the right hardware to hang it with a reverse roll so we looked at 3 local box stores and they only had the regular so the decision was made to unroll it back out and pull it off the roller and flip the bar roller around and glue it back on.  problem solved.  However I guess they have the hardware online.  Do a little looking before you get started.***

Also I would have let mine hang a day or two before adding fabric so the shade had time to relax and the wrinkles would have been gone.  I have one hanging upstairs right now just waiting.

Small Places Closet/Craft Room

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Small Places Closet/Craft Room

So I know some people will think I am crazy to give up my closet for a craft area but I could not be happier.  When I told my husband about my idea  to convert my closet into a craft room he thought I was crazy.  Not because of clothing storage, we have another large closet in or room and may build ins, but that I was going to  sit in the closet.  It has turned out so nice he even said he wishes he would have thought of it for himself.

The cork boards are just cheep ones from Wal-Mart covered in fabric.  My closet was covered in wallpaper and it was not coming down.  I have never ever recommended anyone paint over wallpaper so that’s what I did:)  It worked out fine for this space but still don’t recommend it.  After changing out the lighting adding a tv I was ready to start working.  I do love my space even though there is not much of it.

Chevron Wall Art

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I love the chevron pattern and had an empty wall in my daughter’s room so thought I would give it a try.  I mean how hard could it be right?

You will need

  • painters tape or masking tape
  • canvas or board
  • paint
  • small roller or foam brush

As much as I love  crafts I hate measuring:)  That is why mine is off a bit.  It would have not been this good but my husband stepped in and got me started.  After  I was finished I found a few websites that have printable templates you just follow.  I suggest that method as you can tell the bottom of mine were not perfect but I think they still turned out nice for a bedroom.  If it were for my living room I may have started over.

I used a double pack of canvases for $7 at Wal-mart, leftover paint and tape, and a foam brush.  So for $8 I got two large statement pieces how can you beat that .  Yet again another great DIY project found on Pinterest.

Laundry Closet / Room

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Who says you can,t decorate your laundry closet?
Every time I opened that bi-folding door and saw the stark white walls I closed it as fast as I could.    Then one day I thought why not make it a happy place that I would love.  Every bit of motivation helps right:)   The best part of this was to finding something that was fun and inviting me.  No one else even had to see it.  I could be bold, modern, traditional or whatever else I wanted.   I truly believe that a home needs to have a common theme/flow, but with that being said I give a free pass to kids rooms and laundry closets.  So do something fun!
I had purchased after my first design job the coolest mahogany Bombay pineapple end table with a glass top.  (still one of my favorite items in my home)  That is where my inspiration came from, well that and the roll of wallpaper I found at a local design store that I loved!  But lets get real could you ever live with this wallpaper all over the place.  One roll is all I needed I panted the shelf and bought a small lamp and baskets.  It changed my whole attitude about laundry.

Gray and Yellow Bedroom

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My favorite new room in my house is my 8 year olds room.
When Caleigh told me she wanted a “grown up room” it made me a little sad but as soon as she said yellow and gray with chevrons I was sold on the redo.