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Super Hero Birthday Party

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My 5 year old son wanted a Super Hero party this year. He requested lots of games and a huge Avengers cake. So I began collecting his toys to see what we had and began shopping.

IMG_1243 IMG_1307


This year we kept it simple serving just a few little snacks and drinks.

IMG_1267 IMG_1270 IMG_1268

We had Wonder Woman’s lemon Twister, Spiderman cotton candy webs, and Kryptonite rock candy.

IMG_1482 (2)

We also had store bought ice cream cups.  I placed them in cupcake wrappers and picks they seem so much more festive.


Ducked tape bottle water is always a fun and easy addition to our parties.

IMG_1266 IMG_1303 IMG_1277

Comic wrapped juice boxes and green hulk punch along with coffee were our beverages.   My son was so happy with his cake and the Hulk level looked so cool with the hair.


IMG_1262 IMG_1275 IMG_1274 IMG_1284 IMG_1287 IMG_1289 IMG_1314 IMG_1290

Toys, Balloons, along with a 30′ back drop were just a few of the little touches that made everything come together.  A few of my favorite things however were the Comic banner and W that were super simple to make.  Here is a link to how I made the W.



The games are always the fun part!


Our games were kind of a boot camp to get the kids ready to save the world!

IMG_1257 IMG_1363 IMG_1351

First they knocked down walls!

IMG_1185 IMG_1417 (2) IMG_1428 (2)

Then we used our Hulk hands to bust through our individual piñatas.  When my son requested a piñata I instantly said no someone always ends up in tears.  But then thought why can’t they each have their own.  I also thought this would be a great goodie bag.

IMG_1191 IMG_1140

The boys had Superman ones and the girls had Wonder women.

IMG_1142 IMG_1445 (2)

Then they defended themselves from Spiderman’s webs (aka silly string)

IMG_1254 IMG_1348

We played Captain America target practice.

IMG_1500 (2)

At the end the kids all got to see if they were as strong as the man of steel by bending a tire iron.


Everyone was sent home with a little goodie bag.

IMG_1169 IMG_1154 IMG_1153

The bags included candy, coloring packs, stickers, squinkies, and super ducks for the little ones.


Cream Egg Cupcakes

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easter 2012 033

These cupcakes are so cute and equally as rich.
The best part is they can be as easy as you want if you use boxed cake mix and prepared frosting.

*Use your favorite chocolate cake mix/recipe. (I used a dark chocolate cake mix)
*Favorite white or buttercream frosting (frosting at the bottom of the page)
*Large Cadbury eggs frozen
*Small Cadbury eggs optional for decoration.

1. Make cake batter according to directions
2. Put small amount of batter in cupcake paper
3. Place frozen egg in the middle
4. Top with more cake mix
5. Let cool
6. Frost and top with a dollop of yellow and small Cadbury egg. Enjoy!

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

1 stick salted butter – room temperature
1 stick unsalted butter – room temperature
1/2 cup shortening
1 tablespoon Vanilla extract
1 1/2 pounds confectioner’s sugar (powdered sugar)
4 tablespoons very cold milk

Easy Coconut Cake

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A friend found this coconut poke cake on Pinterest and said it was super yummy.  Thankfully she passed on the recipe for this super easy cake.  It turned out wonderful and was loved by everyone (that liked coconut).  It was so light and refreshing.  I will be making this again over the summer for sure.

cake and caleighs tree 002


1 box white cake mix (any brand)
egg whites, oil & water (what ever your cake mix needs)
1  can Cream of Coconut (not coconut milk)
1  container frozen whipped topping
1  package sweetened flaked coconut
cake and caleighs tree 011
1. bake cake according to box
2. as soon as it comes out of the oven poke holes all over the cake with a fork.
3. pour cream of coconut over the whole cake a spread.
4. let cool (then place in refrigerator)
5. when cold place a layer of whip cream on the top of the cake
6. Sprinkle with coconut (you can toast but i didn’t) as much or little as you like
7.Keep refrigerated
To my fail I forgot to take a photo of the finished cake which looked wonderful.  Next time I make it I will add the photo.

Mario cake

My 2nd fondont cake from my sons Super Mario party check it out.

Toy Stoy Cake

This cake was so many first for me.  Not only was it my babies first birthday but my first real cake.  It was not only my first tiered cake but first carved/molded cake.  Not only that but it was also my first time making and using fondant.  I can tell you one thing I was happy when I was done.  We also made some other cute Toy Story party items.

Cupcakes for Sock Monkey Party

milk chocolate cupcakes topped with a whopper and yellow candy sprinkle balls.

Click here for more of the Sock Monkey party