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Monthly Archives: February 2014

QR code Valentine card

My 4th grade daughter loves making still motion videos with her and her brothers toys. This year she made one for her entire class as a “Valentine card”. She had so much fun putting it together and was truly a project she was in charge of.  visit her video at


The best part of this project is you can have your QR code direct them to whatever you want it to.  You could do a photo, some kid of art, or a video.  All you need is a place to post the images and a QR code.  There are free QR generators  all you have to do is put the web address in and it gives you the QR code image.  In our case it goes to a website where her video is posted.

The card was simply made in publisher and printed on cardstock.


IMG_2257 (2)


Easy Photo Valentine Cards

Cute and memorable valentines cards for kids.
I just had them hold their arm out and take a picture.  Then then I ordered one hour prints from our local department store. Using  a craft knife to cut a line above and below their hands and side a sucker stick through.  Its crazy how much it looks like they are holding the sucker.  I had to take a few shots because in some of my pictures the camera had trouble figuring out where to focus.

IMG_2269 IMG_2271 IMG_2279 IMG_2288

I had the kids write their names on blank address labels  then placed them on the back.  I was worried they would press to hard if I had them write directly on the photo.  You could add text to the front of the photo or add stickers such as hearts on top.