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Bowling Birthday Party Treats

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I love these large goodie balls. The best part is they are so large that if you wanted you could put a small lunch right inside. We had My sons party at a bowling ally so we could only do take home treats but I can see using them for mini sandwiches with chips and drink right inside.  What a super fun way to feed a group!

Its very cheap and simple to make.

I bought the 99 cent plastic balls at Party City and spray paint for plastic.  I then sprayed 2 light coats.  I had 2 that the paint crackled on where the sicker residue was not fully removed but other than that they looked great.  They were also bumping into each other and being rolled around by the kids and the paint stayed on.

DSC01101 DSC01106

If you stop here you have great cannon balls for a pirate party!


We however were making bowling balls so we needed one more tough.  I had Avery circle stickers left over from a past project so I just placed 3 on each they stayed on wonderful and were the perfect size.


Now you can tell just how large they are each had a Capri Sun, Oreos, Goldfish crackers and 2 Air Heads.


 I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest here is a link to the original.  I just did the holes different but they turned out great! She also has some other cool ideas you could check out. .


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Hi! I am Danielle Interior designer turned stay at home mother of 3 wonderful kids. I love to do crafts, projects, parties, and photography. With this being said I am a not a pro by any means and have had many many failed attempts. Some funny and some just plain ugly:) I do not care for cooking and house work. My goal is to find a better, faster, more organized way to just get it done so I can spend time with the ones. This is where Pinterest has come into my life. Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. I have spent the better part of a day looking up great ideas and never putting them to use. What a waste of time... or is it? Sometimes I find something that rocks and I try it and the world is a better place:) But the worst is when I try something and it’s a big bust. A how did that ever pass for working, did they even read the steps they were giving, or do you think they get a laugh out of my attempt. Many friends have told me that I need to post the bad ones so they don’t bother and let them know the good pins so they can give them a try. So here goes!

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