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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Small nail polish gifts

So if you work at my kid’s school close your eyes now!  If not then we made these cute little gifts for the ladies in the office,  the nurse, and all the specials teachers this year.  We will be doing something a little more for their teachers but wanted to send a little something for all the people that make the kids feel so special everyday.

Mini photo Chistmas tree

My weakness is everything christmas and yes that means trees.  I love them big ones little ones not so much upside-down ones but you get the point.  Well my 9-year-old got a new room this year so that ment a new tree was a must.  She requested it be black and silver so she was so excited to find her yellow C and all the frames of her and her friends.  Oh and the tree skirt from Target made her day.

Pre School Graduation Cake

Mario cake

My 2nd fondont cake from my sons Super Mario party check it out.

Toy Stoy Cake

This cake was so many first for me.  Not only was it my babies first birthday but my first real cake.  It was not only my first tiered cake but first carved/molded cake.  Not only that but it was also my first time making and using fondant.  I can tell you one thing I was happy when I was done.  We also made some other cute Toy Story party items.

Cupcakes for Sock Monkey Party

milk chocolate cupcakes topped with a whopper and yellow candy sprinkle balls.

Click here for more of the Sock Monkey party

Super Mario Birthday party

Super Mario is a love of my two boys!  My youngest had no trouble at all deciding that Mario had to be the theme of his 4th birthday.

Mustaches and hats were a must at this party!

Our cake table consisted of some fun themed snacks.  I also made Mario, Luigi, one up, and big power mushroom posters out of 11×14 poster boards, paint pens and sharpies.

Mario was holding our DS invitations.

I made the cake and the fondant.  I do have to say this is only my second time making a fondant cake so I was very happy with the results.  But not near as happy as my son who thought he had the best birthday cake in the world.

Next were the chocolate melt mustaches.  They were a hit!

Flying power cake pops.

We had fire power cheese balls and ice power marshmallows how could you have a Mario party without all the super powers!

Golden chocolate covered Oreos were the perfect gold coins.

The Wii motes were my personal favorite.  They were white chocolate pretzels yummy!

The games included Goomba stamp where we made Goombas out of brown balloons and sharpie with paper feet.  We then spread them out on our loan (on a crazy warm November day in Indiana) and the kids stomped them like in the game.

Then it was pin the mustache on Mario time.

Next we had Yoshi egg races.

Our last game was a gold coin race/hunt.   The kids had a blast with this one we had to do it over and over again:)

The goodie boxes were filled with Mario themed candy stickers  and notebooks.