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Daily Archives: October 15, 2012

Princess Peach Halloween Costume Redo

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My 9-year-old wanted to be Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers this year.  Her brothers wanted to be Mario and Luigi so she thought it would be fun to be part of the group.  That was until she saw the costume at the store.  It had puffy shoulders and big puffs on the hips.  She was having no part of it.  So we decided to make one out of another costume.  She thinks it turned out great.

We started with the costume below.  First we cut off all the gold ribbons and seam removed the gold trim from the top and the velcro from the back to hold up the wings.

We then bought the charm at Joann Fabrics ($3.99 then 1/2 off) and glitter foam.  We painted the charm with craft paint yellow.  Then cut foam out and hot glued it to the charm.

Then we replaced the ribbons with pink ribbon scraps we had from a birthday party and used a pink trim along the top and around the belt.

Then we cut the crown out of yellow foam and put two holes on the side that we put a headband through.

Now she is all ready for the big party next weekend.  Who would have thought I could have made a costume she liked better for less money.