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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Super Mario Party Invitations

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We are getting ready for a Mario party soon.  Today My son helped me make his invitations.  He was so cute he sat there and pretended to play the paper DS games.

I used the Cricut to design the layout and cut them out.  Then I used the image of Mario on the top and cut out and the bottom had all the information.  It’s hard to see but the speakers and buttons are cut out as well.  I  even included the two squares on the back just like on the DS.


Healthy Halloween Class snack

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I finally did it!  I pinned these cute little orange/pumpkin snacks for preschool a very long time ago.  I am so glad I remembered them today when trying to come up with a fast treat idea.  Funny how a sharpie  marker can make my day!
A special thanks to  this is such a great idea!

Super Mario Costumes

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Super Mario Costumes.

Super Mario Costumes

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Halloween this year has already started for us.  We had a very busy day yesterday we had soccer in the morning and then off to a Halloween party followed by a Halloween walk in the park.  Needless to say everyone went right to bed after getting home.

We customised a different costume to make peach and Made felt and elastic moustaches for the boys.  Toad was made with a special thanks to .  We came up with our own vest but used her idea on how to make the hat.  We used a pilgrim hat underneath though and not a sailer hat that she used and just hot glued the fabric inside.

Christmas Card Ideas

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This was our Christmas card in 2010.

      We got such a great response on them.   I had just started seeing “photo booths” popping up at parties and wedding where people get their photos taken with props and loved the frames. My original idea was to get everyone in the family a frame and do a group photo. Well then we did family photos and no one would look the same way and smile at the same time so I thought why not do them each at different times. So without them knowing what They were doing I asked them to stand in the same place and “fame yourself”. I love how they each have their own take on what that means. My son instantly put it around his neck. I took a photo then told him what I ment and took 30 or so more shots. Then when editing the card on photo shop I just had to use the one that was his personality.  The one perfect shot he had posed for himself.

I then uploaded the image to Snapfish and printed them for 6 cents each for a 4×6 print. You can’t beat that!! I had bought cards from Hallmark at the end of the season the year before so I just stuck them on. But could have Printed (Marry Christmas from “our name” 2010) just as easily.


The next year we had fun with Christmas lights.


I hope this inspires someone and if you have any ideas for our cards this year I need help.

Caramel “Apple” Grapes

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I have seen these on pinterest a lot lately and after watching my 3, 6, and 9 year olds try to eat a caramel apple a few weeks ago I thought I would give this a try. My husband laughed at me and thought it was silly. Then commented on how great they were and how they even tasted like caramel apples (but better).   I don’t know how good they were because when I finished making them I sat them on the dinning room table washed my hands and put the extra caramel away. When I came in to take a photo of them this is what I found.  I had to tell my son to stop so I could get this photo.  Good thing I have everything to make more tomorrow.

All I did was dip a grape in Caramel dip and then in ice cream sundae nuts. They were a hit!

Ding Dong Witched and Ditched

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We had so much fun today and started a new family tradition for sure!

I remember as a kid running out our back door and around our house to ring the doorbell.  It was so fun to see my mom think she was crazy.  The best part was trying not to get caught.  When I saw a Pin where a family “ding dong booed” another family I knew the kids would love it.  Each of my 3 kids got to pick a friend that we would try this on.  We made bags out of scrap fabric and ribbon we had and headed to the store to find just the right treats for each family.

We  then printed just a little sign to hang on the door.  The kids loved playing around with the wording to find just the one they wanted.

Then came the fun part being sneaky!  We pulled up and rang door bells and ran to the car.

  I tell you they had more fun than I even imagined.  Not only did they feel sneaky but they felt like they did something nice for someone.    Driving home they were already talking about doing it again next year.