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Daily Archives: September 16, 2012

DIY Roller Shades

When looking for shades for my kitchen I was shocked at how little there was in the stores.  I was even more shocked when I got online and looked at the designer shades.  So when I saw you could make your own shade I knew this one was for me.  I looked at many many pins on pinterest about it and they left out one very important detail (make sure you have the right hardware and put fabric on the correct side) Yes I know it sounds self-explanatory but the ones I saw online that I liked all had the roll in back hidden by the shade.  The others looked unfinished.  

If done “right” the roller shade does still work as long as you use a thinner fabric.  Mine worked until we made the change at the end that made them hang correctly.  I will explain at the end the change we made.  Ours now has to be rolled up by  hand, it’s not hard at all to do.  Ours was ment for decorative purposes only so it does not even matter.

  • First you need the cheep roller shade from the box store cut down to the right size.  (mine was the $16 but one inch smaller and it would have been $7)
  • Fabric of your choice (I used regular fabric from the quilting section 4.89 a yard)
  • Hot glue gun
  • something to cut with
  • measuring tool

So for this shade it cost less than $24 and the smaller one I made for the door was only  $11.89.

 Lay out fabric and trim off all but an inch or so on all sides to fold over.  This whole thing works so much better on a hard surface!

Run hot glue along the shade and fold fabric.  I later covered the back seam with a brown ribbon because you could see the bottom edge through the window.

This is how I folded the corners for a crisp clean look

This is where you would just roll it up and be done.

**I then did not have the right hardware to hang it with a reverse roll so we looked at 3 local box stores and they only had the regular so the decision was made to unroll it back out and pull it off the roller and flip the bar roller around and glue it back on.  problem solved.  However I guess they have the hardware online.  Do a little looking before you get started.***

Also I would have let mine hang a day or two before adding fabric so the shade had time to relax and the wrinkles would have been gone.  I have one hanging upstairs right now just waiting.


Spa Birthday Party

Our spa birthday party was lots of fun not only for the girls but for the moms.


This year my daughter wanted to have a spa party complete with spa masks and cucumbers so that’s what we did.

The girls each got a personalized bag with fingernail file and buffer, a foot soak kit, mirror, and personal spa treatment schedule at their place settings.

I am in love with paper straws.  I even used them for the cake pops.Mini fruit salads

Mini veggie cups

All the girls got a spa dress and head wrap to wear to the party.  They helped  to get them in the mood to relaxed.We did face masks With cucumbers

and fingernailsOur foot soak was pink cristals and a bath fizzyThen a zen garden and hand soakI apologize for the photos of the bath salt station I forgot to take photos of them and found one where they were in the background but not great.

 The girls made their own bath salts in the smell they liked to use when they got home.

 The other station was DIY lip gloss.

So I won the best mom in the world award for today she can’t stop talking about how much fun she had.  Each the girls took home their foot tubs filled with all the items they need to have a spa day at home too.  Now I need a real spa day:)

Wrapping Paper Table Runner

Today was my daughters 9th birthday party and we had a blast.

  (Photos coming soon!)

       I just had to share the pin I used today it worked great!   Wrapping paper as a table runner.  It worked great!  Who thinks of these things:)  I used this Hallmark paper in black and white.  It worked great and clean up is super easy.  I will be doing this agian for sure!!