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Toy Story Birthday

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My first  time ever trying to make a cake in Fondant.
  I decided to make my own using Marshmallows.  It worked out great and tasted much better than fondant.
I could not believe how easy it was to work with.  I however didn’t make the people they were toys I bought from the Disney Store.

Toy Story is not Toy Story without the green army men.

I made these by just finding a image of regular army men online I printed them out on copy paper.  I then messed around with the size by making copies many many copies until I thought it looked good with the baby monitor.  I then placed a green sheet of card stock w/the copy paper on top and cut out the the shape.  I then just poster gummed then on the stairs.  The kids really got a kick out of this one.
The monkeys were made the same way as the green men.
The Kids had such a great time.  I am planning to try my hand at a Mario cake like this in November he can’t wait!

About danielle

Hi! I am Danielle Interior designer turned stay at home mother of 3 wonderful kids. I love to do crafts, projects, parties, and photography. With this being said I am a not a pro by any means and have had many many failed attempts. Some funny and some just plain ugly:) I do not care for cooking and house work. My goal is to find a better, faster, more organized way to just get it done so I can spend time with the ones. This is where Pinterest has come into my life. Pinterest and I have a love/hate relationship. I have spent the better part of a day looking up great ideas and never putting them to use. What a waste of time... or is it? Sometimes I find something that rocks and I try it and the world is a better place:) But the worst is when I try something and it’s a big bust. A how did that ever pass for working, did they even read the steps they were giving, or do you think they get a laugh out of my attempt. Many friends have told me that I need to post the bad ones so they don’t bother and let them know the good pins so they can give them a try. So here goes!

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