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Kids New Years Party

The kids were so excited to have their very own New Years party two years ago.  I did drop the ball and did not take very many photos of all of our actives. I put everything together the day before so with a little more planning it could be even more fun.  The kids had a blast though and my kids who go to bed at 8 made it all the way to midnight with our hourly activity count down.


I was getting ready to take down the tree when I thought what a great way to hold all of our hats, glasses and blowers for midnight. Right before midnight we all went to the tree and picked out our party gear.


We had a planned activity or treat planned for every hour. Each child got a chance to pop a balloon labeled with each hour on them.


One of the balloons announced a snack of milk and cookies. The kids thought this was very cool.


They also got to play the one handed skittle race. They each had the same number of skittles and cups labeled with the colors on them. Each kid had to as fast as they could sort the skittles with one hand and put them in the right cup. This started off very cautiously but got very fun and loud as they got close to the end. They also loved eating the skittles at the end.


One of the balloons had the game where IMG_2057everyone puts a Oreo on their forehead and by just using the muscles in their faces they try to get the cookie in their mouth.  This was a blast to watch the grown ups even joined it.


At midnight they toasted in the new year with sparkling grape juice.

Space Camp Birthday Party

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Space Camp Birthday Party

IMG_3398My 5 year old son wanted to be a astronaut last year (he thought he would be able to fly to China).  He had to have a NASA Space Camp Party.  I was a little worried that kids not interested in space would not have fun but they all had a blast.  Of course I couldn’t find anything astronaut in stores so we made do with a little paint and cardboard.


One of the most important things was that he could look like a astronaut. My solution was to paint one with a face cut out and NASA Space Camp shirts for everyone.

Each kid got their photo taken behind the sign and then we made thank you cards online with the images.

Each kid got their photo taken behind the sign and then we made thank you cards online with the images.

Everyone in their NASA shirts.

Everyone in their NASA shirts.


Another activity was to get dressed in adult diaper (they thought this was the best) snow paints, snow boots, winter coat, rubber gloves, a and Halloween cauldron with a hole cut out for there faces. They then had to crawl into a big box and preform a handful of task.


Adult diapers were a hit!



One of our actives was collecting space rocks with our robotic arm.

Here we put on our

Here we put on our “space gloves” and preformed some important task such as putting a magnet together, opening a bottle, and using a key to open a pad lock.

Then we had our space meal.

Then we had our space meal.

Each tray was a dollar tree cookie sheet. the food included a Capri sun, meat stick, apple sause, and dehydrated fruit. everything was verelcrowed to the tray so it wouldn't fly away. We also had cake and astronaut ice cream. They loved the ice cream it is a must!

Each tray was a Dollar Tree cookie sheet. the food included a Capri sun, meat stick, apple sauce, and dehydrated fruit bag. everything had Velcro on it and the tray so it wouldn’t fly away. We also had cake and astronaut ice cream.  I covered the apple sauce in duck tape.


Mindcraft Christmas Tree

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Nothing made my son happier than when he walked into his room and saw his Mindcraft tree.  The tree included the base that was a cardboard box sold as a mask.  The mask had also been used for his birthday party this year.  After the photo I placed black paper behind the eye holes.  The ornaments included a few toys but like the torch on the top and a few plastic toys but most items were in a kit that you fold and make paper characters.  I also had a few green ornaments from past years that I used.  I enjoy making there tiny trees special and completely different each year but hate will not buy items we didn’t already have or won’t use or  play with later.  My favorite thing is when we can just use toys we already have.  No one ever said it has to be made for charismas to put on a tree.

Easter Carrot Snack Mix

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I first made this snack mix a few years ago with Santa hats ( and instantly imagined making it with carrots the following year for Easter.  I finally made it happen and here it is.  This is a simple mix that you could put any snack items in you would like.

What I used:

  • Rice Chex
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • White chocolate melts (orange, green, white)
  • Reese Pieces or M&M’s
  • Bugles Chips


 I made the carrots by using a broken pretzel and Bugle.

  1. Dip tip of chip into orange chocolate not getting any in the opening.
  2. Then let cool in freezer for a few min.
  3. Next dip tips of the pretzels in the green chocolate and place in the opening.
  4. Then let cool in freezer again for a few min to sit up.
  5. After cool dip the pretzel end into the green chocolate.
  6. Let cool while finishing the Chex mix.

IMG_3877 IMG_3879

Chex Mix

  • In a large bowl place Chex and pretzels.
  • Warm white chocolate melt and poor over top
  • Place on a lid and shake or mix with a spoon.
  • I place mine in freezer until chocolate is set.
  • When done brake it apart and place it in a bag or clean bowl.
  • When ready to serve or putting in goodie bags is when I mix in the M&M’s and carrots.  This  limits the amount of white chocolate that comes off and looks like powdered sugar as it is moved around.
  • IMG_3897 IMG_3895 IMG_3885 IMG_3881

Sharpie Easter Egg Decoration Party

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Sharpie Easter Egg Decoration Party

 Decorating eggs can be so messy especially when you have a group of kids trying to decorate all at once.  Sharpies are the perfect solution.  No wet sloppy dies that get all over everything and tie dye your fingers.  Easy to control markers do the trick.  The best part is what kid doesn’t love sharpies.   We used plastic die able eggs so we could keep them year after year.  The eggs are $1.97 at Walmart for 12 and die just like real eggs.  Not only easy and fun but super cheap. You can do black and white or any color your heart desires.

 IMG_2391 IMG_2392

Baby It’s Cold Outside Hot Chocolate Bar

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When I found out that I would be hosting a baby shower in December I was so excited.  I put up all my Christmas trees and decorations so decorating for the party was simple and easy.

 Everyone seemed to enjoy the many choices and commented on how fun and unique the bar, and who doesn’t like at least one of these choices.  You could easily add coffee to the bar as well.  We had water bottles of course as well.

IMG_3556 (2)

We enjoyed Creamy Hot Chocolate, White Hot Chocolate, and Peanut Hottie   IMG_3549


The toppings were Carmel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, biscotti, dark chocolate cookies, chocolate chips, 4 type of marshmallows, peppermint, peppermint bark, and Andie mints.


Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes


Peppermint Mocha Buttercream cupcakes

The best part of the party was the simple set up.  Well if you ask my kids it was all the topping leftovers that they have been experimenting with over the last few weeks.  I will defiantly have another hot chocolate bar it something a little different and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Art Birthday Party

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Instantly upon asking my soon to be 11 year old daughter what kind of birthday party she wanted this year she knew.  She had her heart set on a art party complete with canvases, easels and lots of color.  I love this idea not only was it great for her age but with a few modifications it would be great for younger and older kids.


IMG_3115 (2)

 These crazy young ladies had a great time!


Decorations were very simple.  I bought cheap paint brushes at my local hardware store and painted the handles.  Then I attached a ribbon and had a instant banner.

I found a fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby and let it be the inspiration.   I hung some of the fabric on the curtain rod and made 2  table runners. I then used paper lanterns and  tissue paper pom poms all over.



IMG_3028No art party would be complete without easels.  My husband made ours and  I think they turned our perfectly.

IMG_3088 IMG_3081

IMG_3089 IMG_3090

Each girl had a packet of how to draw and  ideas and inspirations. But the girls were encouraged to paint whatever they wanted.

Everyone had a 11×14 and 8×10 canvas as well as a wooden letter

IMG_3023 IMG_3029


A colorful surprise awaited the girls when the cake was cut.  They all commented on how they loved all the colors.

IMG_3107 (2)

Here were just a few of the works of art from the day.


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