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Art Birthday Party

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Instantly upon asking my soon to be 11 year old daughter what kind of birthday party she wanted this year she knew.  She had her heart set on a art party complete with canvases, easels and lots of color.  I love this idea not only was it great for her age but with a few modifications it would be great for younger and older kids.


IMG_3115 (2)

 These crazy young ladies had a great time!


Decorations were very simple.  I bought cheap paint brushes at my local hardware store and painted the handles.  Then I attached a ribbon and had a instant banner.

I found a fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby and let it be the inspiration.   I hung some of the fabric on the curtain rod and made 2  table runners. I then used paper lanterns and  tissue paper pom poms all over.



IMG_3028No art party would be complete without easels.  My husband made ours and  I think they turned our perfectly.

IMG_3088 IMG_3081

IMG_3089 IMG_3090

Each girl had a packet of how to draw and  ideas and inspirations. But the girls were encouraged to paint whatever they wanted.

Everyone had a 11×14 and 8×10 canvas as well as a wooden letter

IMG_3023 IMG_3029


A colorful surprise awaited the girls when the cake was cut.  They all commented on how they loved all the colors.

IMG_3107 (2)

Here were just a few of the works of art from the day.

Graduation Party

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Last weekend was a big day at our house. My youngest son was graduating preschool and had to have a party just like his big brother and sister did. IMG_2549

With just a few little details he felt like a king for the day.


My sons only request for his party is that his cupcakes had to have eyes.  He loved them!

Cupcakes were just hat and diploma picks, candy eyes, and black cupcake wrappers.


Next was Swiss Cake diplomas


These cups and straws were my favorite element.


Now we just have a few more years until we can have another graduation party at our house.

Spiderman Comic Letter Craft

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Comic Book Letter


You just need A wood letter, comic book, paint, foam brush, Mod Podge, , craft knife, and tape.


First paint the sides.


Then place the comics where you want them with a painters tape on back.  FYI this could be a quick but took me a while I wanted to make sure I got as many Spiderman images as I could on the letter.


Then flip over and trim extra.  I used a sharp craft knife.


I then flipped it back over gluing it with the Mod Podge after removing the tape.

After a few minutes I began placing thin layers on the letter.  I followed the dry time on the container so this took a little time.

IMG_1059 IMG_1205

We used the letter for my sons birthday party but later became a cute piece of art in his room.

Super Hero Birthday Party

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My 5 year old son wanted a Super Hero party this year. He requested lots of games and a huge Avengers cake. So I began collecting his toys to see what we had and began shopping.

IMG_1243 IMG_1307


This year we kept it simple serving just a few little snacks and drinks.

IMG_1267 IMG_1270 IMG_1268

We had Wonder Woman’s lemon Twister, Spiderman cotton candy webs, and Kryptonite rock candy.

IMG_1482 (2)

We also had store bought ice cream cups.  I placed them in cupcake wrappers and picks they seem so much more festive.


Ducked tape bottle water is always a fun and easy addition to our parties.

IMG_1266 IMG_1303 IMG_1277

Comic wrapped juice boxes and green hulk punch along with coffee were our beverages.   My son was so happy with his cake and the Hulk level looked so cool with the hair.


IMG_1262 IMG_1275 IMG_1274 IMG_1284 IMG_1287 IMG_1289 IMG_1314 IMG_1290

Toys, Balloons, along with a 30′ back drop were just a few of the little touches that made everything come together.  A few of my favorite things however were the Comic banner and W that were super simple to make.  Here is a link to how I made the W.



The games are always the fun part!


Our games were kind of a boot camp to get the kids ready to save the world!

IMG_1257 IMG_1363 IMG_1351

First they knocked down walls!

IMG_1185 IMG_1417 (2) IMG_1428 (2)

Then we used our Hulk hands to bust through our individual piñatas.  When my son requested a piñata I instantly said no someone always ends up in tears.  But then thought why can’t they each have their own.  I also thought this would be a great goodie bag.

IMG_1191 IMG_1140

The boys had Superman ones and the girls had Wonder women.

IMG_1142 IMG_1445 (2)

Then they defended themselves from Spiderman’s webs (aka silly string)

IMG_1254 IMG_1348

We played Captain America target practice.

IMG_1500 (2)

At the end the kids all got to see if they were as strong as the man of steel by bending a tire iron.


Everyone was sent home with a little goodie bag.

IMG_1169 IMG_1154 IMG_1153

The bags included candy, coloring packs, stickers, squinkies, and super ducks for the little ones.

Decorative Candy Boxes/Party Favors

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The two boxes on the right are just movie sized candy boxes wrapped in scrapbook paper.  This is one of my favorite things.  Not only are they great favors but they look great and become part of the design. 


keagen 6 016These are just juice boxes covered in colored paper.  I then took foam tape and attached circles.  

Below are little boxes of lemon heads wrapped in the same way.   The candy was 5 for $1.00 so you can’t find anything cheaper or easier.

keagen 6 046

Surprise Road Trip/American Girl Birthday Party

This month we made a trip to the American girl store for my daughters birthday.  We invited her best buddy and were off.  But first I wanted to make the several hour drive a little bit more fun.  Or trip was complete with movie, snacks and decorations.  The best part was I used all left over items from other parties.



This was the girls snack area.  They had candies, water, Chex mix, a American Girl gift card with folder, and notebook to write in.  The water bottles were just wrapped in ribbon and have a flower sticker on them.


The watched AG movies the whole trip


I made these little tulle puffs out of left over fabric from another party.   The hardest part making sure nothing was blocking any view.


This is one of my go to party favors!  The 98 cents movie sized boxes of candy covered with paper, ribbons, duck tape…  Juice boxes are also a great thing to cover.


Two candy boxes and a notebook.

Bowling Birthday Party Treats

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I love these large goodie balls. The best part is they are so large that if you wanted you could put a small lunch right inside. We had My sons party at a bowling ally so we could only do take home treats but I can see using them for mini sandwiches with chips and drink right inside.  What a super fun way to feed a group!

Its very cheap and simple to make.

I bought the 99 cent plastic balls at Party City and spray paint for plastic.  I then sprayed 2 light coats.  I had 2 that the paint crackled on where the sicker residue was not fully removed but other than that they looked great.  They were also bumping into each other and being rolled around by the kids and the paint stayed on.

DSC01101 DSC01106

If you stop here you have great cannon balls for a pirate party!


We however were making bowling balls so we needed one more tough.  I had Avery circle stickers left over from a past project so I just placed 3 on each they stayed on wonderful and were the perfect size.


Now you can tell just how large they are each had a Capri Sun, Oreos, Goldfish crackers and 2 Air Heads.


 I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest here is a link to the original.  I just did the holes different but they turned out great! She also has some other cool ideas you could check out. .


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